KARIBA is an animated feature film concept created by Daniel Clarke
As a member of the Blue Forest Collective, along with Daniel Snaddon and Jac Hamman, we are helping Dan bring his concept of Kariba to the big screen.
In March 2016 we ran a campaign on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to raise funds to develop the story of Kariba in the form of a graphic novel. The campaign was successfully funded on 1 April 2016, raising more than 200% of it's intended goal, and making it Kickstarter's most successful animation project ever to come from the African Continent.
Since then Daniel Clarke has been hard at work writing and drawing the pages of the graphic novel which will be finished by March 2018.
Set in Zimbabwe, KARIBA interweaves history and mythology through an imaginative retelling of the embattled construction of the Kariba dam in the 1950s.
Inspired by the mysterious events surrounding the destruction of the Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe in the late 1950’s, our story follows the journey of Siku, a young girl who discovers that she is the daughter of the great Nyami Nyami, the spirit of the Zambezi river.
For more info go to karibagraphicnovel.com
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